About Us

Hello from Roxanne and Fred Johnson! We are excited to tell you the story of the best handmade soap and body care products in the world.

I grew up as farm girl in Utah. We grew much of what we ate. My father also owned a successful business in Salt Lake City. I was brought up to work at being successful at whatever I did, whether it was riding horses, cooking, sewing, fishing, or caring for animals. I loved trying new things. When I was twelve, I made my first batch of soap, ruining my mother’s muffin tin in the process. I will never forget that first batch of soap. That first batch was a definite failure, but now about twenty years later, I am the owner and master artisan soap maker of our growing natural body care company, Soapcreek.

Fred grew up in Arizona. In sixth grade, he and the other top students in his class were chosen to go with their teacher, an avid outdoorsman, to hike down the Grand Canyon on a fishing expedition. Their journey took them down Soap Creek Canyon to the Colorado River. The canyon got its name from the first white pioneers traveling through. They had caught a badger and tried to cook it in the alkali water trickling down the canyon. The greasy badger meat boiled with the alkali water left soap floating in the top of the pan and an inedible pot of food. Fred liked the area a lot and has gone back many times. Thus, the name of Soapcreek Company was born.

Fred and I were married in the summer of 2000. Fast forward to 2010 when our son Fielding was born. He gained less than a pound in the first six weeks of his life and was getting sicker every day. After many trips to the doctors and emergency room with no results, I was inspired to ask them to check his thyroid as I had had troubles with mine in the past. The test came back that his thyroid was barely at discernable levels of functioning. He was placed on medication and immediately started to feel better and grow. We couldn’t stand the thoughts of having our little boy on medication the rest of his life. I started researching natural ways and methods to treat the problem, discovering that thyroid problems plague most of America and are known as a silent epidemic and a major contributor in most other health problems. To treat him we had to make an entire lifestyle change — from diet to natural supplements to natural body care, as synthetic fragrance, dyes, and chemicals all take their toll on the body’s ability to function properly. Fielding has been off the thyroid medication for four years now!

In my search for more holistic health — not satisfied with the supposed natural body care products readily available on the market, I began to study and formulate my own. Every ingredient was studied with making the very best in mind, becoming an expert in the use of natural ingredients. My first (successful this time) batch of bar soap was four simple lavender bars on the kitchen table after my kids were asleep. The passion for this project grew and so did the piles of ingredients in our home’s closets, cupboards, etc. As batch after batch was made, there was soap piling up all over the house. We gave it out to family and friends. One particular family friend had suffered from his childhood with rheumatic arthritis. His skin was constantly itching and hurting as side effect of years of prescription drugs. After a week of using the soap he called on the phone really excited as he had just experienced his first week in thirty-plus years that he got a restful night’s sleep without waking up to his whole body itching. Testimonial after testimonial of life changing experiences encouraged us to work hard on this project. It was about then we decided we had to bring our products to market. The road has not been an easy one. Fred stayed at his job as a journeyman electrician, traveling all over the United States working on hotels, resorts, casinos, and other commercial projects, working his way into project management and finally company manger. This supported our new startup company and all the research and development. The project grew from the basement to a shop and now to a larger GMP facility. Now Soapcreek’s production is up to 400,000 bars and counting, making the world better, one bar at a time.

You are about to experience a product with uncompromised quality and functionality and unequalled ingredient lists. With my research and artistic touch along with Fred’s management skills, Soapcreek is bringing “Handmade in America” to a whole new level of production, and back up the quality that “Made in America” stands for. We here at Soapcreek hope to re-create the way Americans care for themselves every day, through high quality ingredients, transparency, and pure handmade goodness.

Natural products (and healthy products) are often thought of as boring and distasteful. We are committed to making natural soaps and body care the new benchmark. Our Artisan Soaps are a pleasing work of art and also offer amazing skin nourishing benefits. We use sustainably cultivated food-grade plant oils and scent every product with only pure therapy grade essential oils sourced from farms all over the world. The designs are created with mineral colorants, also naturally colored clays which offer soothing and cleansing properties. Each bar has generous amounts of additives sourced both locally and worldwide through fairtrades, such as exotic butters, oils, herbs, seeds, flowers, extracts, raw honey, goats milk, yogurt, etc. that may help many different skin types. Many varieties are totally vegan. We believe in listing out each ingredient, even the essential oil blend, realizing that transparency is everything to the consumer. Our Spa Minerals are made with essential oils and natural salts from around the world including the beautiful Himalayan Pink salt. The lotions, cremes, scrubs, lip balm, and the other products are made with the best available natural ingredients.

We encourage all to conserve, re-use, recycle, and make the world a better place for all — which is our mission here at Soapcreek.